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March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month.  The Brain Injury Association of America has sponsored this campaign for over 30 years.  The Association estimates that 153 persons die in the United States every day from this injury and that more than 280,000 persons are hospitalized per year.

There are different categories of brain injury.  Some occur at birth, either by genetics, congenital or birth injury.  Others are acquired, or occur after birth.  An acquired brain injury can be either traumatic or non-traumatic.

There are many types of non-traumatic brain injuries, some of which are caused by:  stroke, lack of oxygen, drug overdose or tumors.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can be classified as closed (non-penetrating) or open (penetrating). Traumatic brain injuries can occur from a motor vehicle accident, fall, domestic violence, sports injury or criminal activity.