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A 2015 article in the Journal of Psychology and Clinical Psychiatry states that Mild TBI may represent 70-90% of all brain injury cases that require medical attention.  After an accident, the injured party visits a hospital emergency room where x-rays, CT-scans and/or MRIs are reported as negative.  The literature states that the symptoms usually resolve within 3 months, but that 20-30% of injured persons have symptoms up to 6 months and 10-15% have chronic symptoms.

These concussion symptoms may include difficulties: with balance and stabilizing vision; with coordinating eye movements; ability to concentrate or remember; migraine headaches or anxiety.

Some of the treatments available include neuropsychological testing; vestibular or ocular motor screening and other therapies.

Because the original emergency room x-rays and scans were reported as negative, there is not any objective medical evidence of injury.  The medical field is increasingly specialized and concussion therapy is available at hospitals that have these specialized clinics.

From a medical perspective, it is important to diagnose what is causing these symptoms and get the proper treatment.  From a legal perspective for persons injured in an accident, it is important to have objective evidence of an injury caused by the particular accident and a measurement of disability.