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Vertigo may occur after an accident involving Mild TBI.  Vertigo is a sensation that makes you feel like the world is moving around and that you might lose your balance.

The vestibulocochlear nerve is the eighth cranial nerve.  It is composed of vestibular fibers and cochlear fibers.  The vestibular portion senses changes in the position of the head while managing body balance and eye movement.  When this nerve is damaged, it often is unable to heal.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is offered at concussion treatment centers to treat symptoms of vertigo, dizziness, vision difficulties and imbalance.  This is a specialized exercise program designed to teach the brain to compensate for the damaged vestibular organs by using other senses to substitute for the damaged vestibular system.  Depending on the patient’s specific findings, treatment may include Habituation exercises, Gaze Stabilization and/or Balance Therapy


Habituation Therapy is for patients with dizziness caused by the movement of the head or by being in a visually stimulating environment.  This therapy consists of repeated controlled exposure to those movements and visual stimuli.


Gaze Stabilization Therapy is designed to improve control of eye movements and result in clear vision when the patient moves their head. This therapy consists of focusing on an object while the head is moved side to side and up and down for periods of time.


Balance Training Therapy is designed to help the patient walk without falling doing the daily routines of life, such as stepping over a curb, climbing steps or getting out of bed.  In this therapy, the patient will perform exercises with their eyes closed or ambulate on different surfaces to improve balance.


Injured persons with any of these problems should seek specialized medical care to arrive at a diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate care and treatment.  This specialized medical evaluation may improve your healthcare outcome and provide valuable medical evidence of injury in the event of an accident settlement.