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If you, a relative or friend were injured by a criminal assault or other crime in a store, a shopping mall, a parking lot, a bar or tavern, an apartment building or other such commercial establishment, you should consider consulting an attorney for a possible claim against the property owner.

Actual or constructive notice of past criminal activity on or near the premises is an important factor in these cases.

  • A grocery store customer was stabbed and robbed in their adjacent parking lot where the store had actual or constructive notice of prior criminal activity in and around the store including car thefts, purse snatching and muggings.
  • The owner of a firearm may be liable for allowing the firearm to be possessed by a child, or a person prohibited by law to possess a firearm or for failing to use a safety lock.
  • A landlord, who does not provide adequate security, locks on doors or windows resulting in criminal assaults.
  • A shopping mall without security patrols or surveillance cameras resulting in serious injuries.
  • Schools, churches, childcare centers, organizations that do not check the background of their employees resulting in sexual assaults.

The National Crime Victim Bar Association estimates that 24 million Americans are victimized by crime each year.  Many of these claims involve sexual assault, inadequate security, broken locks, negligent hiring, violence in bars and many other criminal acts.

These can be very serious injuries and may result in significant cash settlements.  You should call an attorney for an evaluation of every claim.