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February 2020

If you, a relative or friend were injured by a criminal assault or other crime in a store, a shopping mall, a parking lot, a bar or tavern, an apartment building or other such commercial establishment, you should consider consulting an attorney for a possible claim against the property owner. Actual or constructive notice of past criminal activity on or near the premises is an important factor in these cases. A grocery store customer was stabbed and robbed in their adjacent parking lot where the store had actual or constructive notice of prior criminal activity in and around the store including

Pennsylvania law provides that persons who are the innocent victim of a crime may be eligible for compensation including: medical expenses, counseling expenses, loss of earnings, loss of support, relocation expenses, funeral expenses, crime-scene cleanup, transportation expenses, childcare, home health care expenses, and stolen case.  Pain and suffering and most stolen or damaged property is not covered.  The overall maximum award shall not exceed $35,000 except in limited cases. The crime must have occurred in Pennsylvania.  The crime must be reported to the proper authorities or a Protection From Abuse order filed within 3 days of the crime, with limited exceptions.