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There are many types of TBI.

A skull fracture is a fracture of the hard, bony covering of the head.  A closed skull fracture is occurs when there is a break in the bony covering of the skull without a break in the skin.  An open skull fracture occurs when there is also a break in the skin or scalp.

A contusion occurs when the force of an impact forces the brain to hit the skull.  A coup contusion occurs at the point of impact with the skull.  A contrecoup contusion occurs opposite the point of impact with the skull.

A concussion is an injury deep in the brain that can cause problems with consciousness.

A hematoma occurs when a blood vessel is broken after an impact.  This can cause a blood clot of the brain.

A penetrating head injury occurs when some outside force penetrates an object into the brain.

An anoxic brain injury results when the brain is deprived of oxygen.

A subarachnoid hemorrhage occurs when a clot forms between the brain and under the arachnoid membrane space.

A subdural hemorrhage occurs when a clot forms between the dura and the brainl

Other hemorrhages and hematomas are location specific, such as intraventricular, intracerebral and epidural blood clots.

A diffuse axonal injury is damage to the white matter (axions) of the brain.

Second impact syndrome occurs when a person suffers a second TBI before the first one is fully healed.

Each of these brain injuries can be very serious and deserve immediate medical attention in a well-equipped hospital setting.