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The National Safety Council has designated May as the month to observe motorcycle safety.  There are many causes of motorcycle accidents.  One cause that stands out is that most of the vehicles on the road way are not motorcycles.  That means that the driver of a car, van or truck is not thinking of motorcycles and may not see them.  In other words, that driver is looking for larger motor vehicles with two headlights not a motorcycle.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation states that when motorcycles and other vehicles collide, it is usually the non-motorcycle driver who violates the motorcyclists right-of-way.  The motorcycle is small and may be obscured by automobile blind spots such as door pillars, passenger’s heads and other vehicles.

Some strategies to increase visibility include the automatic-on headlight, use of high beams, headlight modulators, position lamps in their front turn signals, colorful motorcycles, helmets, clothing and additional frontal bodywork or fairings.  The Motorcycle Safety Foundation advises that motorcyclists who are conspicuous are under-represented in car accidents.

The Foundation found that inconspicuous black, gray, beige, or other neutral clothing, black motorcycles and helmets were over-represented in crashes with other motor vehicles.