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Dogs of any breed might bite, but some breeds account for a much larger percentage of dog bites than others.

The Allegheny County Department of Health tracks reported dog bites.  Dog bites that occurred in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are included in these county statistics.  .

In 2017, the Allegheny County Health Department received reports of 1,330 dog bites.

Dog bites occurred from the following dog breeds:  Mixed Breed (184 bites or 24%), Pit Bull (160 bites or 21.1%), German Shepherd (60 bites or 7.9%), Labrador Retriever (30 bites or 4%), Boxer (23 bites or 3%), Rottweiler (22 bites or 2.9%), Mastiff (20 bites or 2.8%), Bulldog (20 bites or 2.6%), Husky (20 bites or 2.6%), and Beagle (16 bites or 2.1%) These breeds accounted for the top 10 breed types involved in dog bites in Allegheny County in 201, accounting for 536 of the 1,330 dog bites or approximately 40% of the bites.

There were 82,716 dogs licensed in Allegheny County in 2017.  Labrador Retrievers make up 12.8% of dogs licensed in Allegheny County, while Mixed Breed is at 12.5%, Pit Bulls at 3.6%. German Shepherds at 4.9%.  The large number of the popular Labrador Retrievers (10,620) registered v. Pit Bull (2,983) registered may account for the Lab’s presence on this chart.

While any dog can bite, it is best to avoid certain breeds, unless the dog is known to you.  Notably, the Pit Bull represents only 3.6% of the registered dogs but accounted for 21.1% of the dog bites.

The “mixed breed” designation, which accounted for 24% of all dog bites, is ambiguous.  It would be helpful to know which breeds might compose these “mixed breeds.”