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Uninsured Motorist Coverage is the insurance bargain that protects your family against the driver who does not have any automobile insurance coverage.  Even though Pennsylvania law requires every automobile to be insured, uninsured drivers may constitute as many as 1/3 of all drivers.  The uninsured driver includes the person who did not pay their insurance premium; who drives a car without the owner’s permission; who drives a stolen car; who uses the car for hire (jitney driver); and the hit and run driver.

One of the parties in the accident must have enough liability insurance to cover your losses.

You can hope that the other driver has a large liability policy.  Or you can protect your family and yourself by purchasing adequate uninsured motorist coverage.

Many insurance policies reject or reduce this coverage and reject stacking.  Never agree to a rejection or reduction of Uninsured Motorist Coverage.  This coverage protects you and your family.  Buy as much of this coverage as you can afford.