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In Pennsylvania, the minimum medical payment benefit that you must buy is only $5,000.  Most automobile insurance companies want to sell you either $5,000 or $10,000 worth of medical coverage.  Your insurance company may tell you that your private insurance will take care of the rest.  With today’s high cost of health care, that $5,000 benefit would only cover the most minor injury case.  The minimum amount of automobile medical payment benefit that I recommend is $50,000.  In a recent case, the health insurance subrogation claim was more than $130,000   To avoid that type of lien, I recommend asking for a quote for $100,000 in medical payment benefits.  The cost of this coverage is less than the co-pays and deductibles that may arise and would eliminate most subrogation claims.

If the other driver only has a minimum limits liability policy of $15,000, a serious injury subrogation claim could be larger than your settlement.  Protect yourself and your family.